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One-to-One is an Israel-based non-profit organization that was established on the premise that as
members of society, it is imperative to become actively involved in helping communities in need.
Our organization implements a unique approach in that it does not narrowly focus on a specific
deliverable or need. Rather, One-to-One offers its aid on various issues spanning from healthcare
and medicine to education and basic subsistence. We aim to provide our support on issues where
other welfare solutions are unavailable to the beneficiary. Among the organization's founders
and activists (benefactors and volunteers) are individuals and companies connected to the high-
tech arena in Israel. The continued growth of One-to-One and the expansion of its perimeter of
assistance in Israel's society, has been made possible by our activist's investment of invaluable
resources – money, time, goods and services.

One-to-One is composed of branches, where each branch concentrates on the needs of specific
geographic communities. To date, we have 13 branches (and growing), stretching from northern
to southern Israel (e.g., Tzefat, Tel Aviv, Or-Yehuda, Kiryat Gat, Askelon and others). Our
organization does not have direct contact with the targeted cases, rather all requests for aid are
made via local welfare authorities that have been authorized by One-to-One. Each request for
assistance must be accompanied by a formal report detailing the situation, which is carefully
reviewed by our volunteers. One-to-One does not seek to develop a relationship of dependence
and in most cases, we provide aid for a specific need either one-time or over a limited period of

In addition to the case work executed by the branches, One-to-One organizes and sponsors several
special campaigns throughout the year. Such campaigns have included: distribution of winter
blankets, purchase of children's shoes and school supplies and grocery assistance during the Jewish
New Year and Passover. The beneficiaries of such campaigns have been recommended through the
welfare agents in the same manner described above. Whenever possible, One-to-One ensures that
the beneficiary participates monetarily in the purchase of the service or good in order to maintain
that individual or family's presence as a consumer in the market and to grant them the dignity that
comes along with such purchasing power.

One-to-One is further distinguished by its "no overhead" policy. That is, at least 100% of the
benefactor's donation is delivered directly to the targeted case. Our organization is able to maintain
zero overhead due to the fact that all operations, nationwide, are carried out by volunteers, working
out of their homes, offices and in the field to advance the organization's objectives. We encourage
our supplier's to participate in donations so that each dollar donated to One-to-One has much
greater value. For example, One-to-One has successfully negotiated a deal with a leading optic
Israel supplier allowing us to sponsor the purchase of eye-glasses that usually retail at 300 NIS for
only 100 NIS – a discount that enables One-to-One to address the needs of many more individuals
than it could without such discount.

In order to ensure proper management on an ongoing basis, One-to-One has engaged legal
advisors, accountants and an internal auditor (all on the basis of pro-bono work) in order to
supervise its activities. Additionally, One-to-One has established an audit committee to routinely
review the organization's dealing.

One-to-One provides an efficient, well-monitored channel through which benefactors can
contribute to Israel communities in need. Each donation helps alleviate hardships faced by families
in the areas of basic sustenance, health, and education. The generosity of our benefactors has and
will continue to have a direct impact on improving people's lives. You can make a difference.

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One-to-One (332427), 3 Hachilazon St. Ramat Gan, Israel 52525

Phone: +972-3-576-3131 Fax: +972-3-752-0794

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